Treasure Hunt


We are excited to start our annual Bare Naked Treasure Hunt. This hunt will be available for those who visit our store as well as those online. There will be one grand prize, which is $100 in cash and $200 in store credit and a second prize winner of $75 and $75 in store credit. Third prize will be a $50 gift card. There will be instant prize winners and discounts, such as buy one get one free and free items with purchase.


Rules and regulations:

1. Once you pay for your items, you can then see if you're a winner.

2. There will be no peeking inside items to see if you have a winning product while purchasing in-store.

3. If you are purchasing online and you win the grand prize or find an instant offering, please take a photo and submit to us via Facebook, email, or text to 928-246-6903, and we will send you a code that goes along with your win.