Cherry Kiwi Lip Scrub

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Sweet powdered cherry and tart kiwi, combined with sugar and a blend of moisturizing oils makes this a summer favorite!

Made with real fruit powder and freeze-dried fruits, organic oils and sugar, this leaves your lips primed and ready for whatever may come, lip stick, kisses, bedtime, or whatever you choose.

How to Use:  Gently massage a small amount of scrub on to your lips. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove sugar or licking is allowed. Now you have organically luscious lips.

Ingredients:  Organic sugar, demerara sugar, aloe gel, black cherry powder, black cherry extract, castor oil, shea butter, agave syrup, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, coconut sugar, sorbic acid (natural preservative), freeze-dried organic tart cherry powder, freeze-dried organic kiwi powder, freeze-dried organic cherry powder, kiwi puree, jojoba seed oil, natural cherry juice, agave sugar.

1.25 oz

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