Straight Edge Razor, Black & Gold

$ 16.50

MATERIAL MATTERS: The Straight Barber Razor for Shaving is made with the best RUST RESISTANT Japanese Stainless Steel. 22 Karat Gold / Titanium Plating makes Swing Cap Lock Scratchless and corrosion-resistant.

FINE FINISH: Double Paper Coated Jet Black Color on Handle and the Straight Razor’s main body gives it an amazingly smooth finish.

COMPATIBILITY MATTERS: It’s ergonomic design equally distributes the weight of the product and makes it worth using. It’s 100% compatible with Half cut Stainless Steel Razor Blades.

GET READY ITS READY 2 USE: It’s ready to give you a smooth and smiley shaving experience either at home or on the go.

QUALITY IS CONTROLLED: Made from the best Brass, swing lock holding PIN intact the Razor’s safety while replacing the blades. Vintage straight razors, men's straight razor, Stainless Steel Straight Razor Best Barber Straight Edge Razor, Straight Razor, Straight Razor Kit, Straight Razor Antique, Razor Barbers