Defender Soap

$ 7.25

Your mom really was smart when she told you to wash your hands.  Soap and water are one of the best ways to wash off germs, and with a little boost from some of our natural friends, including charcoal, we think we've given you a soap that is superior to all in our new Super Soap!  Plus this is creamy, lathery, and smells divinely herby!  As always, we've kept it organic!    

Ingredients: Organic saponified olive oil, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified sustainable palm oil, water, activated bamboo charcoal, kaolin clay, Moroccan clay, and an essential oil blend of: lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon and clove

How to Use:  Wet your hands, wet the bar and began lathering hands.  Put the bar to the side.  Wash hands thoroughly, including nails and wrists, for 20 to 30 seconds.  Sing your favorite song, mantra, or prayer. Rinse hands with warm water and dry thoroughly.  It can be used on your entire body too, this soap is, again, just super. 


*Responsibly sourced ingredients

*No phthalates

*No propylene glycol

*No parabens

*No gluten



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