Get Clean Jelly Bean

$ 6.25

Need to encourage your kids to get clean more often? Throw a bar of our Get Clean Jelly Bean their way and trust us, they won't want to come out.  Smells like Jelly Beans, and is seriously fun for all, especially for spring and Easter!

Ingredients: Organic saponified olive oil, water, organic saponified coconut oil, saponified RSPO palm oil, shea butter, mica, kaolin clay, phthatlate free fragrance oil

How to Use:  Wet your skin, wet the bar and began lathering with hands or a bath pouf or sponge.  Avoid eyes (it's soap), rinse with warm water.


*Responsibly sourced ingredients

*No phthalates

*No propylene glycol

*No parabens

*No gluten