Jax's Bride

$ 7.50

She only has eyes for Jax, but a great story always has a happy ending.  Just like at the end of the day you need a happy, relaxing, fun bath!  Scented in a graveyard gardenia (notes of jasmine and lilac), with hidden blue bioglitter and hot pink and groovy blues inside, this is the gal for you!  She bubbles and the tub water turns a delightful purple color with nice shimmers.  Your skin will feel amazing too!  With organic almond and coconut oils, you're in for a great treat. 

Ingredients: Organic aluminum free baking soda, citric acid, powdered goat milk, sodium coco isetheonide, organic sweet almond oil, coconut oil, Abyssinian oil, grapeseed oil, cream of tarter, phthlate free fragrance, sea clay, mica powder, FD&C batch certified blue, witch hazel

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