Lavender Lemongrass

$ 7.25

Swirls of lemongrass with streaks of lavender make for almost a completely different third smell, as combined they form a delectably floral heady aroma. 

Ingredients: Organic saponified olive oil, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified sunflower oil, organic saponified sustainable palm oil, water, alkanet root, annato seed powder, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, purple mica

How to Use:  Wet your skin, wet the bar and began lathering with hands or a bath pouf or sponge.  Avoid eyes (it's soap), rinse with warm water.  Go forth and smile!


*Responsibly sourced ingredients

*No phthalates

*No propylene glycol

*No parabens

*No gluten



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