Mango Madness Sugar Scrub

$ 11.25

When the ripe mangos are out of season, it's hard to find such a delicacy. Take some of the craving away with a heavenly scented magno non-GMO sugar scrub, and ease off the stress with such an uplifting, tropical fragrance. 

Ingredients: Organic fair trade cane sugar; coconut, grape, sweet almond & Abyssinian oils; rosemary leaf extract; natural fragrance oil and/or essential oil blend. 

How to Use: In the shower or bath, apply the sugar scrub to wet/damp skin. It is sugar, and therefore should be rinsed off a few seconds to minutes after applied. It is technically edible, but we suggest and ask to refrain from eating it, no matter how nice it smells!

8 oz container volume


*Responsibly sourced ingredients

*No phthalates

*No propylene glycol

*No parabens

*No gluten



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