Sugar Lily

$ 6.25

Sweet Lilies!  When we found this phthalate free fragrance oil we fell in love, then added our own touch of floral hydrosols.  Mixed with organic coconut and olive oils, you are in for a treat. With creamy goat's milk for moisture, a hint of berry and lilac and it is just an almost indescribable YUM! It was so clean and pretty, we didn't even add any color.

Ingredients: Organic saponified olive oil, organic saponified coconut oil, water, shea butter, goat milk, natural fragrance oil

How to Use:  Wet your skin, wet the bar and began lathering with hands or a bath pouf or sponge.  Avoid eyes (it's soap), rinse with warm water.  


*Responsibly sourced ingredients

*No phthalates

*No propylene glycol

*No parabens

*No gluten